fulfilled mission

pas perdus dans l’immensité du plateau Antarctique ©Joël Savarino/CNRS/IPEV

La traverse touche à sa fin; le convoi a quitté Concordia et roule vers Cap Prud'homme.

La mission scientifique est accomplie : Installation des stations météo, sismologiques, forages; mais également les mesures de routine : mesures radar, collecte d'aérosols, mesure des particules et de l'isotopie de l'eau, prélèvement de neige ...

The drillings

50-1 copie.png

All the drillings planned on the EAIIST raid were completed. A total of 900m of core was brought back, taken from a depth of 200m. This was all thanks to the expertise of Philippe Possenti, the team's master driller.

It is difficult to know at this stage the age of ...

The megadunes, or the Eldorado of glaciologists...

pente douce ©Joel Savarino

The team spent several days on a field of megadunes. Although they're spread out over several kilometres, the horizon is not deceiving. The trace left by a vehicle clearly shows the slope of the dune, confirmed by the echoes of Manu's radar. The ground is not flat here! As by ...

Point Barnola

Plaque point Barnola ©Jerôme Chappellaz

The EAIIST team deposited the first seismic station at Point Barnola. Six stations will be installed during the trip. They will record the different sounds of the earth: wave, tide, atmospheric circulation, and of course the cracking of the ice cap, which will determine its thickness.

Point Barnola is a ...

Point AGO5

Devant le refuge ©Joel Savarino

The EAIIST team makes a first long stop; well, everything is relative, it's for three days! AGO5 is an old American geophysical station where only a few disparate elements remain: storage, a wind turbine, a refuge.

 The camp is 2 km from AGO5 to avoid sampling in an already trampled ...

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