Visited sites

On the 1670 km journey, 5 remarkable sites will be studied in detail:

  1.   AGO5: site of a former American geomagnetic station.
  2.     Paleo: Regularly accumulating snow deposition where a 200 m ice core will be drilled
  3.     Glazed surfaces: area with no or even negative accumulation, the wind blows away the little snow accumulation that falls there
  4.     Megadunes on the accumulation side: These megadunes formations (4 km long, few meters high) are structures generated in the interaction between the slope, wind direction, snow accumulation and ice flow. The windward side loses mass while the leeward side gains mass.
  5. Megadunes on the erosion side: Sampling over a very short distance of the accumulation and erosion part will make it possible to accurately measure the influence of snowfall on the recording of climate parameters in the snow because only this parameter varies at the km scale