Joël Savarino, IGE

Senior Scientist CNRS, Chemist, Stable isotopes specialist, Atmospheric and snow chemistry. Coordinator of the EAIIST program

Ghislain Picard, IGE

Professor UGA, Physicien, snow physics specialist, radiative transfer and satellite data

Laurent Arnaud, IGE

Engineer CNRS, iScientific instrumentation and snow physics

Emmanuel Lemeur, IGE

Maître de conférence, UGA, Glaciology, snow surface radar and ice flow specialist

Nicolas Caillon, IGE

Ingénieur CNRS, Stable isotopes and ice chemistry specialist

Pascal Guérin


Pete Akers, IGE

Post doc CNRS, paleoclimatology and geochemistry

Philippe Possenti, IGE

Assistant Engineer CNRS, Ice drlling specialist

Fanny Larue, IGE

Post Doc UGA, Glaciology and snow physics specialist

Andrea Spolaor, ca' foscari University of Venice

Scientist CNR, specialist of snow and ice, chemistry

Vincent Favier, IGE

Physicist  UGA, ice mass balance and meteorology specialist, in charge of  GLACIOCLIM observatory

Manuel Lefevre